ETKEN MAKiNA KiMYA build in 1998 in Izmir, Turkey. We work on Industrial Chemicals, Heating and Cooling Systems Maintenance Chemicals, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products and Concentrated Hygienic Products production and distrubition with our Agents and Dealers who sell all over Turkey to large industrial companies. We focus on Customer satisfaction and environment protection.

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:2004

T.C. Production Certificate,
Quality Management System,
Environmental Management System,

We continue our way with these certificates. 
Our business U.S.A. F.D.A Registrar. Certificate. 
We have RESPONSIBLE CARE documents. 
ETKEN, is a member of İMMİB exporters and has exporter association document. 

Our products are sold under the trademark of ETKEN brand. We want to show that we can give an unlimited satisfaction and continuous perfection with our services and products. We work on Industrial Chemicals, Personal Care, Cleaning and System Protection chemicals production and sale. We follow technological developments closely and we  continuously improving our quality and environmental management systems, environmental protection and environmental conditions depends on customer's needs and expectations. Provide an unlimited sucess, customer satisfaction and product quality is our primary PURPOSE.

As ETKEN Makina Kimya, our primary GOAL is take our leadership in quality, environmental protection success and perform this sucess to every step of our firm. 

Our BASIC POLICY is to make the perfect product depends on national - international laws and standards of product manufacturing, quality awareness training and expanding our team work, make our customers feel satisfaction from designing the product to after sale services.
Our organization has been working in three separate areas of activity 

1. Industrial Chemicals 
2. Heating and Cooling Systems Protection and Maintenance Chemicals 
3. Cosmetics 

Industrial Chemicals works in four different groups.
- Care Chemicals 
- Oil Solvents 
- Lime solvents 
- Hygienic and cleaning products 

Our second activity field is producing cleaning chemicals which uses in heating and cooling water treatment chemicals; businesses boiler steam boilers, hot water boilers, heat exchangers, closed and open-circuit cooling systems, lime, rust, corrosion, silica, algae formation.
Our company sold its products in industrial packages. 90% of our products are concentrated. 

Our target is to build a CHEMICAL LIDER in TURKEY. We want to create a perfect production circle which contains legal requirements, customer satisfaction, and respect to nature themes.