While we are developing our selves with our PERFECTIVENESS philosophy, we also try to accomplish our social responsiblities. Our Perfectiveness philosophy has two main parts. The first one is Nature Protection, and the other one is Respect to NATURE. Our goal is the make awareness and creat benefits in public depends on our social resposiblities.
Under the vision of our technical education and our social responsibilities, our 12 years old firm is not only employe people but also educate them for the future of world.

ETKEN MAKiNE KiMYA is one of the leaders in its sector. We has an innovational thinking. You can see this in our product range. We also point Respect To Human thinking on our Respect To Human philisophy.

We want reach to all the level of society and make an increase on nature awareness. We are also happy for accomplishing our goals and creating benefit to public.

Depends on ETKEN MAKİNA KİMYA s goals and principles, we want to show that there is no limit and end in customer satisfaction and in our PERFECTIVENESS philosophy.